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PFM and COVID-19

PFM challenges and innovations

Learning from COVID-19 health response

Health Systems Research Symposium, 2020

WHO audio file:

PFM lessons from COVID-19 health response

WHO policy brief:

How to budget for COVID-19 response?

IMF policy note:

Budgeting in the time of crisis: guidance for preparing the 2021 budget

IMF/WHO paper:

COVID-19 Funds in response to the pandemic

Blog post:

No calm after the storm: time to retool country PFM systems in the health sector

Blog post:

If you're not ready, you need to adapt: lessons for managing public finances from the COVID 19 response

OECD policy brief:

Initial budget and public financial management responses to the COVID 19 pandemic in OECD countries

Blog post:

Do whatever it takes but keep the receipts

Blog post:

Tackling corruption in governments' COVID-19 health response

Blog post:

Getting government financial management systems COVID-19 ready

IBP short note:

Overcoming barriers that limit accountability of public spending

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