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Montreux Collaborative Resources

Introduction session 


How to make budgets work for health

WHO guide to designing, managing and monitoring programme budgets in the health sector, includes case studies

Macro-fiscal crisis and COVID-19

Resources on the combined health and macro-fiscal impact of COVID-19 on health financing and progress towards UHC

PFM and COVID-19

Resources on key PFM barriers and enablers for driving an effective budgetary response to health emergencies

PFM and health tools

Resources on technical tools and guidelines to assess PFM bottlenecks in health

Direct facility financing

Resources examining direct facility financing including its concept and rationale

Health budget execution

Resources on health budget execution

Donor funding alignment with domestic PFM systems

Resources on how to align funding

through country systems

Digital technologies and PFM

Resources on digital innovation for PFM, and how digitalisation has contributed to enhancing overall budget development, execution, transparency, and accountability practices

Questions & Answers

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